Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Proportion: Lapel + Shirt Collar + Tie

Watching Andrew Branes anchoring midday news a few days ago, I came to the realisation that attention to proportion is vital. On any day the sartorially discerning gentleman wants to look his best. Not necessarily in designer clothes but, in garments that fit and are well proportioned. You don't want to look like you hijacked your younger brother's shirt. Nor do you want to appear as wearing a hand-me-down jacket, that's ill-fitting. So, you have to comply with the rules regarding the size of your jacket lapel to your shirt collar and tie.

A small collar shirt requires; an equally slim tie and then rounded off with a jacket with slim lapels. Everything in proportion, means a clean cut look. No excess baggage created by ill-fitting garments. I've seen, at times, how some gentlemen use a tie bar longer than the width of slim tie, and it works. As a rule though, it isn't advisable. A mini tie bar is what the stylist ordered.

A large shirt collar mandates that the tie be an actual big complement as well. Thick knot, so that both the collar and knot are equally visible. A slim/ skinny tie lost in a large collar is nothing but a sore sight. The jacket's lapel will also be bigger and not slim at all. So as to keep proportion consistent.

This is a clear case of going big or small. Never mixing it up or going in between.

Drake images taken from GQ.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.



SBM said...

I'm feeling the brown suit. I was wearing one just like that at a wedding in Lesotho.

Cliff Spears said...

Hey Mxolisi! You got great tips here, man. I agree. I think it's always a matter of proportions in wearing any type of garments.

@SBM. Yeah, I'm feeling it, too. It'd be perfect for a wedding, but perhaps black for the groom, with a nice slim tie.

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