Monday, November 15, 2010

Sucker For Seersucker

Yes I do. I do go out with the sole intention to thrift. Therefore this double breasted seersucker jacket was, somewhat of a surprise. The last time I wore seersucker was some time in the 80s. My affinity for, the fabric and a seersucker suit, will never diminish. One of the very first suits my father ever bought me was a seersucker suit, in the conventional light blue and white stripes. And whenever I wore it, I'd feel all Miami Vice, sans the rolled up sleeves though.

I got this jacket for a mere R10. It is not in the best of conditions however the work it requires is very minimal. My wife, along with her clear loathing for the jacket, remarked that I am not a rolled up sleeves type of guy, and I agree. Therefore I will have the sleeves elongated because they are a little short. Something also seems amiss with the alighnment of the buttons. However it's nothing a little Soli Omar can't fix.

This jacket has jetted pockets too. It has no labeling on the inside therefore I am unable to tell who it's by. The only label is on the collar instructing professional dry cleaning.

Double vented with a cream satin finish on the inside. When it comes to double breasted jackets I have been on a winning streak. I think of this jacket as a casual summer piece I can wear to an informal event. Cotton or linen pants, espadrilles or loafers and, a crew or v-neck tee. The possibilities are endless.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


spoozyliciouzz said...

Nothing better than thrifting!!

Seems to be a nice catch, and a little bit of work should set it back to its former status :)

David said...

Incredible, an amazing find for sure. I would love to have a jacket like that! Can't wait to see it with a full outfit.