Monday, December 13, 2010

Essential Shoes For Summer: Boat Shoes

This week will be solely dedicated to posts about shoes we gentleman need for summer, especially to cope with the unforgiving heat. Living in a coastal city I can't think of a better shoe to represent the locale like a boat shoe. amaTom-Tom, as they are affectionately known in Durban, are shoes Durbanites wear year round. I don't know if gentlemen in this region are aware, but our shoe game is fairly on point. Beyond the ankles is where the most work needs to be done. I digress. These shoes are a casual staple for hot and cold weather alike. Although one would dress them up differently according to the season, they remain, however, a necessity for any gentleman living in regions of tropical weather. In this post I am going to focus on three popular brands in South Africa. On any given day, you are bound to see guys wearing one of these three boat shoe brands.

Dakotas: This brand has been a staple in South African wardrobes for years. I am definitely endorsing this colour too. A deep purple like a die-hard Laker fan. Dakotas boat shoes come in a variety of colours and colour ways. In my estimation they are the cheapest of boat shoe brands. Simple in design, they are definitely for the budget conscious gentleman because they exude casual quality without looking cheap.

Bronx: This brand is found in many clothing retail outlets and chains, like Edgars. Price wise they are in the R400 - R450 range. Fairly affordable. For any style novice this is the beginners colour. It is safe, versatile and easy to dress up. I imagine myself in a pair of grey shorts, pink shirt and these brown Bronx boat shoes. Unlike Dakotas they look like quality shoes exuding that real nautical feel. These are definitely recommended for anyone looking to go casual during summer without having to blend in with the slide, flip-flops and sandals crowd.

Sebago: In my last year of high school, 1996, I remember a friend of mine telling me that Sebago is a very popular brand down in Durban. That was a year before I moved to Durban. When I arrived, true to his word, Sebago was incredibly pervasive. I love everything about this particular design. The texture, which appears to be a combination of brushed suede and chamois. The colour, nothing beats heather grey. And the white stitching. Currently American's Menswear outlets are having a sale where you can purchase two pairs for R1400. Too steep in my book. Which is why I'll opt for the apparent safe aesthetic and auspicious price of Dakotas. I'm not about to break the bank just yet.

You can never go wrong with boat shoes, whether in shorts or trousers, their beauty will resonate. For the advanced style conscious gent I advocate even louder, bolder and brighter colourways. For a coastal city with clothing brands such as Dockyard and Stone Harbour, boat shoes fit right in.

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spoozyliciouzz said...

Nothing better than boat shoes...simply the most versatile type of shoe and a good companion for any occassion.

David said...

Great post! Boat shoes are a great way to be both comfortable and stylish. My favorite boat shoes are still Sperry Top Siders, I always have a couple of pairs in the closet.

KansasKate said...

Boat shoes, as we know them, were invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry. Sperry Top-Siders are THE boat shoe, at least in the States. They're classic, unisex and versatile... and salt stains only give them more character.

Anonymous said...

Please help, im looking for boat shoes for my 6yr old. Do you know of any stockists in SA....????

Van Vuuren said...

This is a good blog, impressed to come across the calibre of this research.....Thumbs up, we need more of this tpe of blogs.

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CrACKBERRY said...

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