Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suits I Bought When I Thought I Knew Something, pt II

Pursuant to my last post on this subject, as promised, I couldn't let this week go by without writing about the second suit. This is the first suit I ever bought with my own money. Probably 2004. It is a navy blue, wool, 3-button suit, with light blue pin stripes. The first thing, I remember, that caught my eye about the suit were the light blue stripes. At the time I don't think I had seen anything like it. What I was totally unaware of was the high 3-button stance, short lapel, long sleeves and the lack of vents. The jacket had no vents at all. It's no wonder I felt like a stiff the one time I wore it with a patterned shirt and tie. Fast forward to 2011, the suit has undergone a tremendous transformation.

As usual the top third button was removed. I'm all about long lapels and that deep V. This also helped to expose the tie a bit more. With these kinds of 3-button suits a third button helps to keep the tie in place, a tie bar serves that function excatly.

The sides were taken in slightly and the sleeves were reduced. Showing cuff  is one of those all important rules one has to adhere to.

I rounded off the look in these tan bit loafers. Another important feature that I wanted to try out and effected by Soli Omar Tailors was the insertion of a single vent in the jacket. And true to form Yunus was able to get it done. The results below...

I like how everything turned out with this suit. Right now I have retired it deep in my winter closet. It is very business-formal, so I see myself wearing it to presentations at work or interviews, in winter though.

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