Thursday, January 6, 2011

Summer Assignment: Eliminating The Voops Effect

The word 'voops' is early 90s township slang for anything baggy. In this case, particularly, pants. This time, however, the term applies to most of my dress shirts. It is hard to maintain a clean, slim silhouette when an essential part of your outfit is baggy and looks ill-fitting (such as the above picture). So much so, my facial expression, tired and droopy as it seems, tells you that I have reached my wits end with baggy shirts. My outer wear can't be in pristine condition, only to find that underneath it I am lugging around a parachute disguised as a man-blouse.

With this in mind, on a recent trip to Soli Omar tailors, I decided to pose a few questions, to Yunus who always assists and assures me that anything I want can be done, about tailoring and special adjustments on shirts. Can the sides be taken in? Can the sleeves be reduced? Even the arm holes? And in keeping to his positive form, all my questions were answered in the affirmative. My first experience in a fited shirt came earlier last year, in a red and white gingham check shirt and a white no-name brand shirt I found at Meltz for R29. A fitted shirt is great for any man in the sense that it eliminates any excess material, especially on the sides. It flatters your body as it follows your contours and, when fitted right, it becomes the best complement to an outfit, especially when worn without a jacket. I find that a breast pocket also forms part of this irritation, something I did not find in any of the fitted shirts I own. Therefore I have picked a few shirts I will be taking to Soli Omar tailors to resize and adjust, as they are doing me a disservice aesthetically.

I shall report back with the results soon.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


spoozyliciouzz said...

A good fitting shirt is like the basis of it all...even the more so, if you´re not wearing a jacket.

The first pic shows, as you depicted yourself, how shirts are not to look like. Seems like your tailors know what to do :)

SBM said...

The first pic shows my office shirts and unfortunately we have to wear uniform atleast 60% of the time.

Man that shirt is baggy.

Anonymous said...

Get your shirt recut and resized for your dimensions if you want it to fit better. It'll cost around $25 a shirt.

David Oduki said...

This is my number one Law in Fashion "Wear clothes which fit" - In the beginning of 2011 , I got rid of my entire shirt wardrobe, from then on any shirt I buy goes to my shirt maker before it goes onto my body.(it must fit only me and not my twin brother) As long as you get the collar size almost right(collars can not be easily reduced), the rest is possible. Believe me if you get this Law right, you are 80% there :)