Friday, January 7, 2011

These Durban Streets, This Durban Heat

Normally I wouldn't dare venture into the city, on a scorching hot day, in pants, a shirt and a jacket. This notion was, in the past, underpinned by the fact that I dressed in the wrong fabrics for summer, and vice versa in winter. But not anymore. The perfect gentleman has wised up to the fact that light, soft, breathable fabrics are the order of the season. Faced with the prospect of doing a lot of walking I put together an easy and cool outfit for the day.

Chinos are vaunted as versatile and trusty. A man can't have enough of them. What better way to traverse through the heart of the city, unresticted, than in a pair of chinos. The shirt is not denim but rather cotton. This is a fact: In the correct fabrics a man will always be comfortably dressed. The navy blue pin striped jacket was added for a little casual formality, a distinct and distinguishing feature. And as cool as one particular gentleman I saw dressed in white shorts, a turquoise golf shirt, white sneakers and a panama hat, my linen jacket was equally cool.

A last minute executive decision saw me change my footwear from horse-bit loafers to these white sneakers by Tiger Onitsuka. With the amount of walking I was going to do there is no way my feet, and loafers would've survived the concrete jungle. The sneakers proved comfortable and stylishly complementary. Ever since I purchased this light brown briefcase, today is the first time that I used its belt for a sling over my shoulder. Steve Harvey once said "It's so hot in Africa it feels like the sun is leaning on you", the truth is, he was right.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


spoozyliciouzz said...

Colour combo is very nice, the fit on the jacket superb. But i suggest to slim those pants, they are way to baggy. Good choice on the trainers, too!

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...


thanks for the compliment. About the pants. I am having a difficult time with adjustments on any of my pants because I just haven't found the correct size. Another thing, I am bottom heavy: big thighs, so I have a problem with comes to the inseam measurement of my pants. Believe me I have tried working on the length and inseam but I haven't found anything that works.

Early last year I tried the cropped look on my pants or rather the no break at all, it looked horrible. So when it comes to pants I just leave them be.

Thanks for your advise though.

David Oduki said...

I agree with Spoozy on the pants, feel can be adjusted by at least 1,5 cm both legs and cut abit shorter, overall great color combo.