Sunday, January 16, 2011

Youthful Ignorance: Wear Pants On Your Waist, Boy

It's like I can hear my mother's voice, "xiba ibhrukhwe esinqeni, kwekwe", (wear your pants on your waist, boy). As incesssant and nagging as this sounded back then, in hindsight I can see that my mother was only helping, putting me on to a stylish and presentable appearance. There's something awfully wrong with wearing dress pants on the hips, as opposed to the waist. I may be wrong though, because of my subjectiveness in the matter, in this assertion, but I have found that wearing pants on my waist has been very flattering to my appearance. Coupled with pleats and a long rise, I feel complete.

I have never been the type to sag my pants, even in the days when I considered myself a real hip-hop head, I didn't sag. I might've worn my pants, jeans, etc, on my hips, but I never sagged on my butt. Back then, for me, it was a comfort issue as opposed to being trendy. But wearing pants on your hips can have serious draw backs; the pants will never stay in place but will rather sway from side to side because of the movement of your butt. Also, there can be a droopy effect inside your pants in the butt area, as if you're lugging something in there. You guys knows what I'm talking about. Most importantly for me, pants on the hips expose the hips, and any sign of weight gain can be detected there first. Especially in black men.

Consider popular Metrofm jock dj Sbu, The man dresses well, but there is something that his stylist(s) isn't telling him. Since he lost some weight in the recent past he still has a prominent butt. Also his hips are wide. Therefore pants with a low rise aren't suitable for someone with his body proportions. The above image illustrates exactly what I'm talking about. He is wearing his pants on his hips and therefore there is a bulge in the hip area.

Proportion seems to be the biggest challenge to wearing pants on the waist. In short gentlemen it doesn't exactly work as high waisted pants can suppress and shorten the torso. The length of a tie and a shirt's design are also important. For a short gentleman, an even shorter tie can lead to legs appearing overly elongated and an even shorter torso. Therefore the most suitable manner of wearing pants on the waist is that which presents the torso and legs in best proportion to one another.

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I totally agree with wearing pants on the hips but trying to find off the rack pants that fit is becoming impossible.

You mention hi-rise (meaning a 12" rise) but the length of the zipper is just as important. Polo used to accommodate this up until this year. Now, all zippers are 6" or less even on high rise pants.

None of the companies that I've contacted can to why all the zippers are getting shorter and shorter but I know. They are all sheep. Just go to any men's room and observe the effect of short zippers. More guys are dropping their cellphones when undoing their pants to answer Nature's call.

Is there no manufacturer out there that accommodates Men who wear their pants on the hips?