Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guest Post: Attraction Fashion

You've seen her before. The 6 foot blonde/brunette/Asian/redhead (insert personal preference here) with legs to die for and a laugh that makes you think of the wind. Her hair is silky and full and strands seem to fall into place along her shoulder blades in slow motion. Her face looks Barbie-like without the overpowered makeup, and her dress "flows"... as if the wind was caressing her body, and every click of her high heels makes you imagine more and more of the possibility of her actually walking TOWARDS you, even if it was in anger. Any interaction with this beautiful creature is an addiction encoded into your DNA.... It feels like a continuous orgasm mixed with the fear a man feels when he stands too close to the edge of a cliff. There's no clearer way to describe it.

Men are visual creatures, no doubt. But what if the description of the feeling above can be replicated with women, too? Has the possibility ever occurred to you that maybe women feel this way about men that dress and look a certain way?

Fashion has many uses, and these days most of it is used to promote expensive products by and large, consumer-based companies. Billboards, TV ads and even internet banners are giving consumers the latest fashion fix. But what is fashion really? I started my research into this by looking at the actual social value of fashion. In one way you could say that fashion can help you with:

Getting a job
Corporate Fashion

Appearing well to-do and upscale
Social Hierarchy and Class fashion

Sexual fashion
To attract the opposite (or same) sex

Conformist fashion
To establish order in military, school uniforms, teams, etc.

Leisure fashion (high class, high spend)
Consumerism and the addiction of feeling good about

Specifically, there is a sub-segment of fashion that just makes you look good and charismatic. I call it "Attraction Fashion". Attraction Fashion is:

1. A mastery of a sense of style creates masculine energy. It creates a pull from the opposite sex. Seducing with Style deals with attraction fashion for men and what women find attractive in men.

2. Attraction Fashion for men is about being able to identify what makes a guy 'stylish' beyond the brand or the color of his clothes. It is about understanding the main traits of a man that women find automatically attractive.

3. Attraction Fashion is NOT about spending lots of money or buying expensive brands. It is about spending money where it counts to convey the most amount of social value. Efficient and effective use of money should take priority over pretending to be something you're not.

4. Being able to look your best, even when you're not consciously aware of it (unconscious competence).

5. It is more than just looks and clothes: it is about mastering the right mindset that goes with an attractive personality and style.

When guys I coach master Attraction Fashion, their success rate withe women goes up. They get more glances as they walk by the street. Their approaches or interactions with women are much more positive and go way smoother. Phone calls get picked up more often, and with anticipation. Texts are returned promptly and written with more thought. Dates are arranged with ease and physical escalation happens much faster.

As you read through the glossy fashion editorials and style blogs, take a good look at which pictures signify true style and a style that gives you RESULTS. For a great introduction on attraction fashion, you can read about the Style Attraction Switches that makes a man attractive at all times.

This is a guest post by AlphaWolf aka Rich of Seducing With Style.


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All I will say is, you would not believe how often wearing a sandwich board emblazoned with the mating call, "GET IT HERE", works

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