Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Autumn InVESTment

I can't think of a better piece to add to one's wardrobe than a puffer vest, also known as a down vest. This item of clothing, very popular for light and heavy layering, for me, was popularised in the mid 90s by Malik Yoba's character, J.C. Williams, in New York Undercover. The puffer vest (puffer derived from the fact that it appears as being puffed up, especially when worn) was hugely popular and ubiquitous in hp hop circles as well. Look up any hip hop video from the early to mid 90s depicting the streets and a puffer vest can be seen. This is a highly versatile and stylish garment. I've seen it being worn over a suit jacket, under a suit jacket and with a tie. Therefore dressing it up or down needn't be a challenge.

For light layering it can be worn over a sweater or a button down shirt. I think a button down shirt is important so that it does not encroach on the vest's collar because it is only worn popped up. I wouldn't recommend it over a t-shirt, that's too high school high-ish. The reason why I chose this particular image of a puffer vest is because it is by Polo. Easi-Wear stores carry the same kind by Polo, although with an elaborate Polo design logo/ badge on the left breast. And at only R350, or less, you can have the perfect answer for when Jon B asks 'How can I be down?'.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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