Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Windsor Knot Expertly Done

Nothing could’ve been the perfect cap to my weekend like ‘The Monique Show’ (I had an interminable smile because I was seeing it for the first time, and as a consumer of black entertainment, I couldn’t help missing the days when VIBE, presented by Sinbad, was on TV), a performance of ‘I Believe’ by Ann Nesby (nothing beats live music) and more music on Sunday morning featuring: T.P. ‘Through the falling rain’, Dennis Edwards and Siedah Garrett, ‘Don’t look any further’ and more Sounds of Blackness, ‘God cares’. I also want to dead this windsor knot issue for good.

The above image is the perfect illustration on how to wear this knot, with the right shirt. Everything is complementary. Look at how the knot curls from point length to point length. There is absolutely no encroachment from the shirt on the knot and vice versa. The collar is semi-spread and the windsor works itself around the collar leaf in such a way so as to contradict what I said the last time about a windsor only working with a full spread collar shirt. The difference here is that the tie is in proportion with the shirt. Sometimes I see a windsor on a slim tie with a point collar shirt, which doesn't work nor look right. This is how you do it, making sure that everything is in proportion.

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