Monday, May 9, 2011

Herringbone, Brown Herringbone

Sometime ago I was thinking to myself that one of the best style guides a man can employ is nature. Yes, nature. The flora and fauna are a guideline how we should dress, especially the colour schemes we can utilise. The seasons, however, are fundamental. The seasons also tell us how light or heavy we should go. Therefore with the advent of autumn it goes without saying that as the leaves lose their green, leafy lustre a wardrobe change is also important. This, then, couldn't be a better time to embrace a herringbone blazer. A brown one to be exact. I used to hear things such as 'brown is a manifestation of fleshly desires', I don't believe that no more. I can't think of a more appropriate and resplendent colour than brown.

This colour and pattern lends itself to so many working and complementary combinations. Tweed herringbone in brown coupled with velvet, corduroy and wool, these combinations work mellifluously. In this instance your whole outfit is worked around the jacket. A stylish brown herringbone jacket is a men's professional or formal wardrobe essential. This jacket would look smart at work or a special occasion. It is more than a mere additioin; it is also a definite upgrade.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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Gentleman's Gazette said...

A herringbone in these colors looks indeed quite nice though I think a houndstooth fabric looks even better!