Thursday, June 30, 2011


Cashmere Rules Everything Around Me. Not quite. I just saw it apt to title this post as above because I wanted to write a little about cashmere. At first sight, even looking at the above image, one can tell that cashmere is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fabric. It is aesthetically pleasing and soft to the touch. Not even silk, virgin wool, or the most technologically innovattive man-made yarns come close to the texture of the hair from the Kashmir goat. The animal largely found in China, Mongolia and Pakistan, is sheared just once a year. The strands are sorted, and the fluffiest fibres are cleaned spun into yarn.

As with anything , the scarcer the product, the more finances required to acquire it. But even with its hefty proce tag, cashmere is attractive and addictive. Therefore you can start small; with cashmere/ cotton blend socks and cashmere blend skullies. Mittens and scarves form the middle order in terms of affordability. The high end/ top order is occupied by cashmere blankets and bathrobes, which can set you back a ton. But then a simple touch to the skin and you'll immediately know why this wool's really the G.O.A.T.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power Forward Fashion

I guess I was wrong, Sports Illustrated online do know a little something something about well dressed/ fashionable NBA players. This video is a definite nod to them. New York Knicks power forward, Amar'e Stoudemire, takes ABC News, John Berman, on a fashion drive through his eyes. I am intrigued by, what it seems, is his knowledge of fashion and men's style. The evidence, even though aided by a stylist, is in the clothes that he wears during the clip. Note the still under construction black suit. The shirt, pants, sneakers combination in the final sequence says it all, he's a tall guy but he pays attention to fit. His assertion, however, that Dwyane Wade is the best dressed player in the NBA is still  flawed. Conversely, for the time that I have been "following" Amare, I can safely say that his style, appearance and presentation are fairly consistent. The rest of the league would do good by looking to him as an example of how to dress an athlete. As a big man.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Slim Messenger Bag

Making my way around my residential area yesterday, I realised how much I am need of a slim, portable but stylish messenger bag. Something in the same vein as the Salvatore Ferragamo joint above. It looks durable, easy to carry and functional. I am a strong advocate of functionality; any case I carry has to fulfil a specific function. In my case I was running errands and the draw-string satchel I was carrying defied all the factors I listed above. It also failed horribly in the looks department. Anything you get as a freebie from a service station should never be considered for use outside your place of abode. What I like most about this particular messenger bag is that it is slim and its vertically rectangular shape is a deviation from the regular messenger bags out there. It's lightweight construction definitely precludes anything heavy or bulky. In my case I would've filled it with writing instruments, a writing pad, money and a few items I purchased. Wearing it over the shoulder and across the chest, for such a petite bag, wouldn't be jarring either.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Casual Winter Knitwear

Winter in Durban requires minimal layering. Normally a sweater, a trench or pea coat do the job. Keeping the cold out doesn’t require layers upon layers of garments – we Durbanites know that, even though at times we tend to dress inappropriately for the weather. I can suggest three light weight pieces of knitwear that will ensure comfort, warmth and a stylish appearance.

A v-neck sweater is your first option. It forms part of the casual man’s knitwear arsenal. You can’t go wrong here. Whether over dress pants or jeans, in the right combination, a v-neck can never look incongruous. I prefer it in a casual way, with chinos, a button-down shirt and open-laced bluchers. To transition to night time, I would recommend a tie of slim proportions. Even better, a knit tie, would fit in perfectly because of its style and slimming qualities. You get two types of v-neck sweaters; a high v-neck and a low v-neck sweater. They of course work differently. A low accommodates a tie more easily as opposed to a high.

This year my favourite piece of knitwear is, without a doubt, a crewneck sweater -round neck sweater to some. It serves warmth to the highest degree very well. At times I feel like gentlemen resort to the crewneck sweater because it requires less dressing up than a v-neck sweater. I’m not a proponent of a crewneck with a shirt. For me, it results in a busy and congested neck. A crewneck sweater is a casual piece I wouldn’t recommend with a tie as well. With slim fitting chinos, jeans or dress pants, a balance can be achieved. On a wet day I relish the combination of a crewneck sweater and a mackintosh coat.

Post Y2K has seen the resurgence of the cardigan as a wardrobe staple in menswear. Cardigans have been back in a big way, encompassing a plethora of designs, patterns, fabrics and textures. A cardigan goes both ways; casual and dressy. Wool pants, a plaid shirt and longwing bluchers, that’s how casual goes. Dressy doesn’t require much except for a tie, although it doesn’t end there, as a cardigan can also be layered with a suit as well.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Italian Shoe Collection

With South Africa playing catch up to some parts of the world in aspects such as fashion, most especially, it appears that we have finally caught up with all the stylish gentlemen in the world. Courtesy of one of S.A's largest clothing retailers; Edgars brings us the Italian Shoe Collection. Described as 'encapsulating the perfect combination of Italian craftmanship, premium leathers and distinctive contemporary,' this collection is definitely for the discerning gent, moreover it is a smorgasbord of designs that are guaranteed to wet your sartorial appetites.

I am particularly excited by the light brown double monk strap, a shoe for a distinguished gentleman, that raises the style stakes and causes others to pay attention. The chocolate brown oxford is also a favourite. The driving mocassin with tassels is definitely something new on our shores. For years I have observed how most shoes of this kind were plain with no decorations. Even the driving mocs I've had were of the same plain design. It is therefore with intrigue that I relish the arrival of a different kind of driver. The above image is but a microcosm of the whole collection. Since Edgars is also affordable, you can expect to pay between R999 - R2000, for a pair.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.