Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power Forward Fashion

I guess I was wrong, Sports Illustrated online do know a little something something about well dressed/ fashionable NBA players. This video is a definite nod to them. New York Knicks power forward, Amar'e Stoudemire, takes ABC News, John Berman, on a fashion drive through his eyes. I am intrigued by, what it seems, is his knowledge of fashion and men's style. The evidence, even though aided by a stylist, is in the clothes that he wears during the clip. Note the still under construction black suit. The shirt, pants, sneakers combination in the final sequence says it all, he's a tall guy but he pays attention to fit. His assertion, however, that Dwyane Wade is the best dressed player in the NBA is still  flawed. Conversely, for the time that I have been "following" Amare, I can safely say that his style, appearance and presentation are fairly consistent. The rest of the league would do good by looking to him as an example of how to dress an athlete. As a big man.

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