Friday, July 22, 2011

Indispensable Details

I love these trousers. They have become an immense boon to my whole wardrobe. Particularly the trouser and pants section. For the longest time I had a challenge with the length, thigh, knee and the bottom opening. After graduating into the fit and proportion ranks I lost all affinity for baggy clothes. It's rather serendipitous how this particular pair of trousers came to be in my possession, and how they came to be the perfect fit and the model for all my trousers, pants and those I will acquire in the future. I bought them when I was in Johannesburg last year, taking a stroll with a very good friend of mine through a taxi rank called Noord Street. I paid a lowly R20 for them. Now, let's get to the details.

I'm not new to narrow belt loops therefore dealing with this trouser was not a challenge. I have a sufficient supply of slim belts that fit mellifluously into the loops. Something of an anomaly, in my view, are the side pockets. They are slanted as convention would have them, however there is a slight curve to the slant. Something I have not seen before, which makes pocketing my hands all the more comfortable. Particularly because they are flat front. I am not a fan of flat front trousers and therefore because of the dimensions of these pants, I have somewhat loosened up when it comes to flat fronts. As long as the waist, thighs and pockets don't feel fettered, I will continue giving flat fronts a nod.

More of the details reveal some rubbery suede tabs on the inside of the waistline. These tabs, sown all around the waist, I surmise, function as fetters in order to prevent anything tucked to be untucked. The veracity of this claim I can't really corroborate because I've worn the trousers a few times with a shirt and a v-neck jersey or a jacket, but never realy really took note whether my shirts were spilling out.

Fast forward to what I will be wearing in summer. A pair of black golf shorts I found at Meltz last year for below R50. I had them altered at the length only. Moving them well above the knee. The shorts evince double pleats, a feature loved and appreciated by myself. I think I may just take them back to the tailor to have a turn-up inserted. They look too plain right now. Now, to the details:

The wearing of a belt here has been precluded even before the first wearing of these shorts. Instead of the usual waistband, this one has an elastic band running right round inside the waistband. Of course, this helps with fitting, as well as adjusting the shorts at the waist. This minor detail contrasts starkly with other tailored shorts I have because if I ever gain weight around my mid section, I can be sure that these shorts will fit because of the elastic band accommodating extra girth. This is not so with the rest of my shorts, as evinced last year, with a pair of above the knee Dockers. After putting on a little weight, I couldn't fasten them anymore. With my weight now in check, I'm eagerly anticipating summer.

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