Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Velvet Waistcoat

Pursuant to Saturday's post about the velvet suit, I promised to showcase the only component of the suit to avoid the travails of the other components. So many things worked out serendipitously with this ensemble. This black pinstripe suit, I haven't worn in a long time. When I put the pants on, the waist fit perfectly, so much so, the use of a belt was precluded.

I took three important lessons away from this exercise. Firstly, a waistcoat layers better with a suit. Better than a v-neck/ crewneck jersey or cardigan. A waistcoat with a lower button stance allows for greater congruency when mixed and matched with a jacket with a similarly lower button stance. It also goes without saying that your tie will have enough space to flourish. Secondly, for a cleaner line between waistcoat and pants, avoid wearing a belt. A belt will break, in an eye sore kind of way, the seamless line running from your waistcoat through your waist through the points of the waistcoat and onto your pants. The 'bulge' caused by the belt will be visible and distracting. Lastly, for an added touch of savvy elegance, when wearing a suit your best option of footwear is closed-laced oxfords or brogues.

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Blake said...

Fantastic advice! I've long since given up the whole belt-with-a-suit look for precisely that reason. A true gentleman knows an eye-drawing bulge anywhere is never a good thing. Thanks for the post!