Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dad's 60th

Sometime in late June this year a multitude of my father’s friends and family gathered at the Riverside Hotel to celebrate his 60th birthday. The biggest shock for my dad was that it was a surprise party engendered by my mother. Everyone was there. His closest friends, childhood friends, extended family, his spiritual father, colleagues, church members, etc. And with my sister’s jam session mates playing the music and serenading us, everyone had a beatific time.

One thing I wasn’t quite aware of is how well dressed and stylish my brother is. The modern migrant labour system has taken him 650km away from home, which means we see each other for a modicum of time periodically. Sometimes months go by without seeing each other. It’s cool though because we keep in touch otherwise.

There is an air of debonair flair in the way that he dresses. I had the pleasure of witnessing his dress sense over a five day period and I must say; his style has evolved some, with no hints of levity. Every one of his ensembles is well considered and balanced. Not edgy at all, he projects his creativity in his colourful socks, pocket squares and time pieces. Consider this ensemble pictured: a tailored black double breasted pin stripe suit and black patent leather shoes. The purple bow tie was totally tangential, for me; something I didn't expect. His watch is by Ingersoll. Even though he wasn’t wearing a pocket square, it is inconsequential because keeping his outfit dark and black propitiated on his behalf. I read all over the internet about a sartorial style called hi-lo. The mixing of high and low end brands in an outfit. Our styles are a definite dichotomy; he’s hi and I’m lo.

I can't believe he's taller than me. I'll still post him up though.

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