Monday, August 1, 2011

My First Time Packing Aptly

My family and I are away this week, and with this trip in mind I took the conscious decision to pack exactly what I needed and for what purpose. Let me explicate the aforementioned statement. Going away for 7 days can be refreshing for anybody. The daunting and labourious part is not knowing what to pack, for what reason. In order to navigate and complete this task in a sating manner I had to consider what and why I packed the items I did. First, the weather was a vital component of the packing process. With this week’s weather being predominantly warm, quite conventional for a Durban winter, I decided on mixing light and heavy fabrics. The lightweight’s for day wear. The heavies for the evenings.  This week, therefore, my plan is to take you through three outfits that I chose and packed meticulously in order to ensure a sartorially hassle free week.

For this post, since it’s a Monday, I had a few errands to run in town during the day. Since it’s been a warm day I decided on this grey, one button cotton jacket. Very practical for this weather, especially where comfort is concerned. These navy blue, rice stripe trousers were the perfect complement to the jacket and the brown and navy, windowpane check, button down shirt. Purpose, therefore, is important to justify why you’re packing a particular outfit or item of clothing. I am also attending two functions therefore my packing has been specifically geared towards this.

I gave my chocolate brown cap-toe, lace up shoes a much needed polish. This breathed new life into them. The high shine and finish is not clearly seen in this picture. I guess, this was a first of many things though. I also attempted a three-point fold for my pocket square. Something I've never tried before. The outcome? Satisfactory.

The packing of this outfit was meticulous to the tee. Even the socks were an indispensable consideration. I remember the days when packing for going away meant a slew of t-shirts, a bunch of shoes, shorts, caps, jeans and a few jackets. Now that was simple, and even stylish in my estimation back then. However, as a style conscious gent; packing now entails even greater simplicity and limitless style.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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