Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Broke, So Let's Fix It

If you read this blog then you already know of my ambivalence for three button suits. I say ambivalent because some three button suits I'm inclined to like and, others I dislike outright. The high button stance, short lapel, boxy and stuffy kind I dislike. The softer, 3-roll-2 is definitely something I like. However, being in South Africa has placed me at a disadvantage because I've never come across a 3-roll-2 jacket.

This three button, sapphire blue suit, in trevira wool, is going to face the proverbial chop of being pared down to two buttons. The pants will be altered at the waist, thigh, knee and bottom opening. The legnth of the pants as well. The sides on the jacket will be taken in and a single, middle vent inserted at the back. What I have learnt with this sizing and proportion issue is that I now know my exact or approximate measurements. From sleeve length to the trouser in-seam to my neck size, I have a fairly good idea what my measurements are. I couldn't of done it, however, without the assistance of the gentlemen at Soli Omar Tailors. 

This particular suit is in a slightly coarse and weighty wool. Therefore, I will probably wear it on those chilly spring days. It will get a good run next winter, though. What I relish most are the endless possibilities, in terms of colour scheme combinations, I am going to try. With the sapphire blue being the canvass.

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Barima said...

How fast will the turnover for alterations and, therefore, the debut of the altered suit be?



Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

About a week, B. Five working days to be exact. On Saturday I am going for a fitting, that will evince where more work needs to be done. I'm hoping for a debut next week Wednesday, at the Living Legends Awards dinner.

Roger v.d. Velde said...

Trevira is not wool, it's a synthetic fibre. Often blended with wool. I still have two suits that are 50/50 Trevira and wool, so I'm not knocking it.

btw, I've already seen the post of this suit after the alterations and it looks fantastic. Your tailor did a great job!