Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laid Back Footwear

You know, in the about me section of this blog I deliberately describe myself as 'given to nostalgia'. That's because, to and for me, nostalgia isn't inconsequential nor ephemera. To keep my memory bank replenished I always draw on my past, especially childhood memories. Not because I'm wistful, but because I know where I come from, I'm glad that, through it all, I'm still here, and I know where I want to go. I, therefore, would be remiss if I talked about espadrilles without mentioning the TV series that first hipped me to these shoes. Does anyone remember Tropical Heat, from the early 90s, starring Rob Stewart? I was only but a freshman in high school when it first aired. This man, Nick Slaughter, the private detective character played by Stewart, was perenially cool. His slicked back hair tied into a pony tail, the hawaii shirts with 2 to 3 buttons undone, the ever present shorts. And, finally, the espadrilles. They definitely caught my eye. At times I would try to replicate this look with my own clothes and I'd always come close except for the shoe department. I didn't own espadrilles, I didn't even know they were called espadrilles. All I knew was Nick Slaughter looked incredibly laid back, cool, natural and effortless. And it had to be the shoes.

This Paez espadrille is the perfect complement to any summer outfit you might have in mind. It's so affordable as well, going at R350 a pair. What redounds to me most about this particular one is the multicolour scheme its got going on. It really gives you endless possibilities in terms of what to pair it with. Of course not going towards clown territory, but keeping it styish and tasteful.

I remember a day, not long ago, at the gym some dude working out in a pair of white Lacoste espadrilles. I couldn't help it but shake my head. These are slightly pricey, going for R650 a pair. Obtainable at any Spitz or Levinsons stores. For something inexpensive and stylish then I would also recommend a pair of espadrilles from Mr. Price. They retail for R79.99, and are worth it. With espadrilles the colours tend to be bright and lively without demanding attention, and the playful patterns are able to draw a surprising variety from such a no-frills canvas. If you're looking for footwear that'll unleash ample creativity within certain boundaries, then espadrilles are a great place to start.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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