Monday, September 12, 2011

Let The Freebie Guide You

Before I substantiate on what I mean by the title to this post, there is a caveat: I am not a freebie person. I don’t go out looking for freebies, I don’t go out of my way for a freebie. Think about those times when in the company of a multitude of people, your attention captivated by one particular person, and said individual tosses a freebie into the crowd. You guessed right, I’m not one to go after the trinket, or what have you, in order to fulfil some personal fantasy involving the aforementioned individual. So, those items being tossed into the crowd, I can’t really go for that. What about when rappers make it rain? Like Jay-Z, Bun-B and Pimp C did in the ‘Big Pimpin’ video? Um, I’ve never experienced that, and I don’t think a South African rapper could be that profligate. It’s never going to happen. I digress.

In the world of marketing media and mass production of consumer goods, product companies have teamed up with print companies in order to advertise and promote their products. Think of when you open an issue of your favourite men’s magazine and enclosed inside the plastic covering is a product geared towards men. That product is meant to plant a seed in your mind. Of course you’re meant to use it. And after using it you make an informed choice to go and purchase it because it appealed to you; the power of suggestion. Over the past couple of months I have used said products, found inside magazine packaging, and have found that they led me to buying the real thing not too long after. And these have been good investments.

In a previous post I spoke about Carolina Herrera’s new CH Men, and how I purchased and started using it, especially because I find that it is very compatible with spring. Another product I am excited about, which has me going on a whole new journey, is the Revitalising Face Gel for men by Nivea. This means I am starting on a face and skin care regimen quite soon. My steps are gradual but very calculated and informed. And nothing does the calculating and informing for me, like the freebies. At times, I find generic stuff like deodorant, roll-on, etc, and I never make the mistake of dismissing or throwing them away because they are handy as ever. The deodorant, for instance, is in my sports toiletry bag. After playing some ball, and hitting the showers, it’s then that I use it.

And GQ magazine is the biggest proprietor of such marketing campaigns. When it comes to fragrances I don’t think I can ever find myself addled for choice, because GQ magazine is sometimes replete with fragrance advertisements. You know the ones with a quarter of the page folded and when you lift up the folded part the scent of the fragrance is redolent on the page. That’s the power of suggestion. From that little whiff you are informed about the choices you have as a consumer. You’re spoilt for choice and your starting point now becomes a vantage point.

This month’s Destiny Man magazine has come out on a strong marketing drive. Enclosed inside the plastic covering with the magazine is a beautiful, hard cover note book. The kind I am going to use to jot down Bible verses. However, this isn’t any ordinary notebook; it’s got an elastic band to hold down pages, Audi insignia to denote some sort of joint venture between the publishers and Audi and, the whole book is replete with quotes on every page. This is a freebie you don’t want to let slip away.

In essence all I’m saying is, there is something in each and every freebie you find enclosed in a magazine, newspaper, or whatever packaging. To some they may be inconsequential. To others they may be the introduction to a whole new way of living.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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