Monday, November 14, 2011

GQ Best Dressed Men Of The Year 2011

I am hopelessly late with this post, nevertheless, it still behooves me to post about it. Especially since it's an issue I post about every year. The GQ best dressed men of the year awards. Since I am very much still developing my style, I surmise it'll take a while for me to crack this list. However I'd love to get an invitation to this prestigious event. I think I decry the same thing every year with this list; and that is, the gentlemen on this list and their style are not prominent enough. I don't have a problem with the individuals themselves, just that I wish GQ did more to showcase their individual style, and whether they really deserve to be on the list. Another important aspect is the judging panel. I feel they, in my humble opinion, are not impartial enough, and that taints their objectivity and whether the gentlemen on the list are really deserving. A way of ensuring impartiality would be to open the voting to the public. Giving them the final say. That would be fair on everyone. Ok, before this turns into a lamentation or a rant, allow me to present you with the list of GQ's best dressed men for 2011. The list runs from tenth to first position.

Trevor Madondo, radio producer and entrepreneur

Jamal Nxedlana, multidisciplinary artist

Mncedisi Mayekiso, businessman

Loyiso Gola, comedian and TV presenter

Yaaseen Cader, model and leather goods artisan

Jamey Lipschitz, regional manager

AKA, rapper and music producer

Ziyon, vocalist and music producer

Maps, model and TV presenter

Oscar Pistorius, athlete

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


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Anonymous said...

Eh, definitely a GQ-type list. If Cary Grant were alive today they wouldn't even put him on, judging by the selection.