Friday, November 18, 2011

In Living Colour

I was having a conversation with two fashion design students a few days ago, when one of them intimated that men in Durban approach colourful clothes with some trepidation. Especially because the bright colours can lead to stereotyping of a sexual orientation nature, and further name calling. Just because you're wearing a magenta or lilac polo doesn't mean you're gay. Well...that's the first thought that generally comes to people's minds, I surmise. If colour is not your forte then in small doses is what will work for you. And there's no safer place to start than a polo shirt or a golfer as us people of the south call it. The above image clearly evinces the range of colours a gentleman has at his disposal going into spring and easing into summer. Temper the bright colour with a pair of chinos or neutral trousers; round everything off with canvas sneakers or loafers, respectively. If it was me then I wouldn't look far, The orange polo has a lavender polo logo; the blue has a yellow polo logo, and the pink has green, and so on and so on. The combinations are interminable and your style will resonate.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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