Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Derek Rose On Mr. Porter

Derek Rose Lightweight Cotton Bathrobe £224.12

This post can easily go one of two ways; either it'll look out of place on this blog and more suited on Flawless Crowns or, the name Derrick Rose is beguiling enough to conjure up thoughts of the $94 million guard of the Chicago Bulls. I have been reading quite a fair amount about the website Mr. Porter, and while searching for some velvet slippers the first link I clicked led to Mr. Porter. Then my search directed me to these beautiful dressing gowns and bathrobes by British design house Derek Rose.

Derek Robe Towelling Bathrobe £109

I had to quickly make the distinction and deduced that this is not the Derek Rose I'm thinking of. However, I couldn't help but feel attracted to these gowns and bathrobes. I like the fact that the price points go from affordable to high end, making them accessible to all kinds of gents. Believe me, even for a South African, I can definitely afford the bathrobes within the £100 range. I often ask myself the question why most of these stylish gentleman obsess about their appearance even at home on a weekend. It's because our clothing and style can be very functional, comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Derek Robe Towelling Bathrobe £108.68

So, as we head into the new year consider a more stylish wardrobe in as far as loungewear and nightwear is concerned. This isn't only a mandate for you, it applies to me as well.

Derek Rose Cashmere Dressing Gown £2, 933. 33

A little bit about Derek Rose with reference to the gowns and robes, taken from Mr. Porter: DEREK ROSE is a family business, based on Savile Row in London, specialising in top-quality nightwear and loungewear. Only the finest materials are used, and all patterns and textiles are designed in-house. Over the years Derek Rose has supplied royalty, film stars and music legends. The right pyjamas can imbue the wearer with a timeless masculine elegance. Plus, it is always worth looking good at night – you never know when the fire alarm will go off.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Mary said...

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White List said...

Hiya! Your blog is a brilliant fashion blog! So glad I found it. Can't wait to see what blog posts you have in 2012. Happy New Year by the way (albeit a few days late...lol!)


Martin said...

Thanks for the shout out. I love the silk pieces from Rose. Looking forward to your musings in 2012! Cheers!

"Luxury Fit For A King"

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