Friday, December 2, 2011

Game Recognise Game: Perfect Gentleman SA In Cleo Magazine

Seriously this, for me, came out of left field. I remember reading an article about how Elton Brand came to the Chicago Bulls after Michael Jordan had retired, the second time; and how this was equal to him arriving after the show, the hotel lobby, and the after-party. This is just how I felt after seeing and reading an article by Maque Degorgeous wherein this blog was mentioned as one of his top 10 blogs. It just so happened that maybe a month and a half ago I had taken my niece to the doctor and while waiting for the doctor to arrive I reached for a Cleo magazine. All the other magazines seemed boring. This one stood out because it had good-girl-turned-bad, Rihanna, on the cover, and that I had never browsed an issue. So as I got to perusing, reading, gleening, I missed a part on the cover where it stated that this was the blogger's issue. As I continued to read I noticed a thick section within the magazine about anything and everything related to blogging. I had to stop, read and absorb. I'm a blogger after all. Towards the end of the supplement there it was, in bold letters "The 10 Blogs: that all fashionistas should visit." I seriously, literally, had to take a moment to soak it all in. I was incredulous; my blog in a magazine? An internationally recognised magazine no-less. I was totally blown away. What started off as a labour of love is starting to morph into a precocious child worthy of some recognition. So, this is my thank you. Thanks to Cleo magazine, Maque Degorgeous, and everyone else who has started to read and follow this blog after this particular mention. You may ask yourself about the Elton Brand analogy; this particular Cleo magazine was an issue from June/ July. I only came across this particular article some time in October, after all the hype had dissipated but the love very much abounds.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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Martin said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! You deserve this honor. As a blogger myself, I always check your site for inspiration. Keep up the great work!