Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kiltie Loafers

It would appear that men's loafers have evolved so much over the years, that said evolution has precipitated the demise of kiltie loafers. The original kiltie loafers with a kiltie acoss the the vamp of a shoe sans tassels, I just don't see them anymore. My interest lies in the fact that my father wore a pair of black kiltie loafers in the eighties, both formally and casually. Everytime I'm home I always see a picture of him in white trousers, sky blue socks, a red and navy blue raglan sleeve sweater and said black kiltie loafers. What appeals mostly to me is the rounded toe of the shoes that borders on a pointy toe; far from the above image of a visibly broad rounded toe. It's still a kiltie loafer nonetheless. My go to ensemble includes shorts, however, in jeans or trousers the leg opening should be tapered for greater display of the shoes. I'm still on the lookout for a pair which espouses all the features that my father's had, for now however, I'll just sit and wait expectantly.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Martin said...

Love these shoes. Very unique selection. Normally I wouldn't favor a shoe with that kind of kiltie detail, but the dark brown leather gives this a rich look you can not deny.

Do you know the price point?

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

Hi Martin, I'm not sure of the price point. I just used this particular image for illustrative purposes.