Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Pastor Said Not To Wear A Necktie

For our Christmas service at our church, we were instructed to dress down. Smart-casual was the memo. And it was stated quite emphatically that no necktie necessary for the gents. I opted, therefore, for this combination of a cotton shirt,'s not denim, and this black, two-button linen jacket. A talking point in the past two weeks, however, has been this Polo button on the lapel. When I relayed the story to a friend of mine, at a wedding two weeks ago, that I retrieved the button from a pair of soft leather Polo shoes that I threw out after wearing them to death, he just simply laughed. After making the decision to throw the shoes out I decided to cut out the Polo buttons because I deemed them serviceable, especially at a later stage. Fast forward to the past two weeks, and I've managed to use them as lapel decorations on my jackets. As minute as they may appear, they are both visually arresting and a great talking point. The first question has been, "now where in the world did you get the Polo button?" The answer, naturally, has been met with incredulous guffaws and stares. This is definitely my latest obsession in sartorial quirks. I'm trying to personalise this style of mine, and I'm learning and loving every minue of it. Merry and blessed Christmas, everybody. Now for that Magic, Thunder game.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


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Martin said...

Great subtle look. Any preferred fashion you like to fold your pocket squares Mxolisi? I am about to do a piece on folding pocket squares and would love to include you in it.

"Luxury Fit For A King"

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

Well...Martin, I like the normal four point fold. It's the one fold I wear more than any other because of its ease. Since I learnt the three point fold, I have also been trying to incorporate it more in my looks. The simple fluff and stuff is another one of my choices. There three in this order are my favourites.

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