Monday, December 19, 2011

Shorts And How To Wear Them

There is no better time to experiment with different types of garments like in summer. This presents you with the opportunity to try certain looks and combinations. One such combination has always been shorts with a jacket. Because it is a look I avoided in the past, I felt compelled to try it this time because I want to dispel the notion that shorts only belong with a t-shirt. Summer style in this part of the world can be so slovenly because of the unbearable heat and humidity. But like I was saying to someone, about a month ago, we shouldn't resign ourselves to mundane and sometimes unkempt looks just because it's summer. There are stylish options, and as always one needn't break the bank.

Everyone of my South African readers knows a clothing retail chain known as Meltz. Well, that's where I purchased these khaki shorts by GAP. If you're looking for shorts, right now, then you should head on over to your nearest MELTZ and I guarantee you will find a pair. Long time readers will know that I lionize above the knee shorts, any day, all day. Especially as a 33 year old. I assure you that you will not see me in a pair of shorts that go below the knee; unless they are basketball shorts and I'm on my way to the gym. If these shorts had been any longer, even hitting just at the knee, I would've had them tailored and shortened.

It's a casual outfit therefore this brown leather D-ring belt is apt. A grey and blue striped, one button jacket from Fashion Fusion is complemetary, especially because of its seemingly cropped look. It proportions exceptionally well with the shorts. The footwear is a pair of two-tone (chocolate brown and black) kiltie/ tassel loafers.

With this look I decided to keep the khaki shorts and then added a blue and white striped shirt, and this navy blue, double breasted jacket with gold buttons. In hindsight I feel I should've gone with white or striped espadrilles, and not brown horse-bit loafers. Just so as to keep the nautical theme going.

As much as this is a beach look. I can't go in the water in these shorts because they aren't for swimming. Derived from an erstwhile pair of trousers, these are my first ever above the knee pair of shorts. I could definitely attend a beach party or soiree on a yacht in this outfit. The low neckline of the t-shirt almost precludes the wearing of said t-shirt anywhere else except the beach or other similar milieus.

The Natural Aristocrat and Kleidsam will remember this double breasted seersucker jacket. They made it known that I had unearthed a gem. I had it fixed, adjusted, had the sleeves let out, and dry cleaned. A piece thrifted for R10, it was definitely a bargain.

I deceided to pair these two separate pieces together because of their similar fabric; cotton. The shorts by Dockers are the shortest I have. It's funny that almost a year ago I couldn't even fit in them because of some careless weight gain. Now they zip and fasten mellifluously. I paired this casual, unconstructed, unlined jacket with these shorts because of their faded navy blue shade. And since it came out well, a suit comprising shorts and a jacket shouldn't be too far behind. 

I think for someone who lives in a coastal city, the more nautical my summer footwear, the better. I can't help but feel that I may have erred with these brown loafers. It seems that espadrilles or boat shoes would've been right and exact.

Finally, it would be egregiously remiss of me to not represent my sandals wearing brothers. From the old school to the new, sandals are a footwear staple in most men's wardrobes. Take a walk around Durban and you're sure to find sandals on a lot of men's feet. Even the traditional Zulu sandals are a feature. Tucking the golfer/ polo in is a stylish secret privy to us all. 

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Martin said...

This was a great read. Education is potential power and you executed flawlessly.

Your work with the light seersucker, navy shorts and slippers is really the definition of suave casual. Looking forward to seeing what you conjure up for any winter looks once you enjoy a change of scenery.

Cheers to you!

"Luxury Fit For A King"

Anonymous said...

I have never in my life seen you wearing chino shorts nice bt scary nd wierd.

Anonymous said...

you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.