Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perfect Gentleman SA In Hibernation

Good day readers,

It's rather unintentional the lack of posts in this not-so-new-year. The last post for 2011 was not intended to be the last of this blog. However I find that this blog has run its course...in the current format. I am in the process of restrategising (albeit a slow process), rethinking ideas and how the new Perfect Gentleman SA blog will look like. It's about time. I am also doing some much needed studying and self development, hoping to re-emerge a new man. This process of education and empowerment is what will create a more qualified and authoritative voice of me in subjects such as menswear. The projected time of my return is tentative at the moment and will only be confirmed once certain things fall into place. However I will be back. Bigger, better and more stylish. I would like to thank all of you who continue to read, check for new updates and emails enquiring about the blog and its welfare. I will be in touch soon.