Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pick Of The Week: Crockett and Jones Drummond

Drummond Mink Suede

If you're in any doubt about what shoe to incorporate into your business wardrobe this winter - allow me to point you in the right direction? There's chunky suede for casual wear, and then there's slim suede for business. The Crockett & Jones Drummond in mink suede is just the shoe for a business wardrobe.

The fact that it is a wingtip shouldn't deter you, its slimness compensates for what might be frowned upon in business circles. I like the fact that it is clean, refined suede, not the rough, heavily textured type you find with rugged suede shoes. Which begs the question, can they be worn with a business suit? Of course. Keep the suit fabrics textured, in line with winter and also remember that a variety of suit patterns can also be useful. Think of a wool navy blue, chalk-stripe suit, medium-grey single-breasted suit or a flannel suit with an over/ windowpane check.

Too chunky is what I would describe as heavy punching detail and very prominent stitching between the welt and the upper; which would make it very inappropriate for business wear. The Drummond features light punching detail and an inconspicuous stitch on the welt.

The closed lacing defintely qualifies this shoe for business, however, I also tout it as an all-rounder for stylish leisurewear. But that's a whole post on its own.

A rounded toe as opposed to a pointed one = Timeless Classic.

The Drummond is made from the finest calf leather and suede with single leather soles. More evidence that it is indeed appropriate for a business wardrobe. Why I chose this shoe as my very first pick of the week? Not only is the winter season beckoning, but, it is readily available in most most menswear stores I have seen around Durban's CBD. They shouldn't be hard to find.

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