Thursday, May 30, 2013

Style: The Ongoing Stripes Series

If anything, I really like getting the names of things right. It shows care, concern and attention to detail. Nothing, however, gets me more confused than stripes on dress shirts. There are a lots of striped shirt styles, however, in this series of posts I will be focusing solely on vertical stripes, what they look like and, most importantly, what they are called. I haven't quite found anything that references the origins of these names, however, I think the pictures are enough to allow you to distinguish between the various styles. I also think the width of the weave in the stripes is key, the background colour of the shirt and and how much spaced the stripes are. Whenever I come across a new set of stripes I will do a post. The origins of the names of these stripes is what eludes me, however, I did find something that chronicles striped clothing and that stripes on clothing goes back to medieval times. Basically if you were considered evil or did wrong you were clothed in stripes. I would appreciate someone dropping something in the comments if they know about stripes on shirts; what they mean, their origins. It would be a great lesson.

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