Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brands: The Tailor Shop

I tell you, I don't think I've ever been this excited about something that is not even remotely mine or related to me. Strange things happen when you're out jogging. When I first caught wind of The Tailor Shop I was jogging in a peri-urban area of Durban called Jacobs. I stopped by had a chat with the sales people and also the head tailor/ owner, Vic. A friendly, engaging and amiable group of people.

I proceeded to talk to Vic about this blog and what my vision for it entailed. Mind you this was probably the fourth quarter of 2012. I also delved into how I wanted to focus on the technical aspects of tailoring in menswear. Surprisingly Vic acquiesced to my requests. There would be a delay though, due to a part of The Tailor Shop moving to Montclair. Bigger premises and commodious, which would allow for better engagement and a more detailed foray into the technical aspects of menswear tailoring. So six months later I'm beginning to think that that scheduled move to Montclair wasn't going to happen. While out jogging last week Saturday evening I came across the new premises of The Tailor Shop. Needless to say I had to stop and take a break to look around and enjoy this serendipitous spectacle. I was genuinely surprised and excited.

I assume that the opening is imminent, therefore, this means that I will be dealing with the subject of menswear tailoring more in depth. It's a subject I've come to appreciate because of its inherent intricacies and complexities. So, I really aim to simplify matters and define them in layman's terms so that we all can learn and understand.

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