Friday, June 21, 2013

Pick of the Week: Kurt Geiger Chunky Cream Shawl Collar Sweater

Nothing evokes feelings of warmth, comfort and indulgence in winter quite like this cream shawl collar sweater/ jersey by Kurt Geiger. You'll probably want to stay indoors because of its delicate colour, but then again its heavy construction will have you testing its insulation outdoors. There is a contrast in the weaving design; the sleeves have a ribbed design and the torso an argyle check design. All of this enveloped in an attractive cream colour. It's chunky so it can work as a layering piece, however I like it as a top layer paired with a henley shirt, or crew neck t-shirt, a pair of blue faded jeans and light brown suede brogue bluchers or double monkstraps. Just because it's chunky doesn't mean it should be baggy. Fit is important because it can work as a layering piece, think insulation; or as outerwear, especially around the house.

Myself? I could work it at a romantic brunch after an early morning workout, in the company of the love of my life or at home playing tea party with my daughters. It's that functional.

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