Monday, June 10, 2013

Style: Keeping Warm

I'm convinced. Either I'm sick or grossly overdressed on my daily commute to work. The cold winter chill really doesn't affect some people. I've said it many times on this blog, and I'll say it again. Durban winters are relatively mild. Compared to the rest of the country this is the warmest place to be in winter. You can't, however, discount the fact that the early part of the morning between 6am and 9am is cold. Can you imagine how incredulous I was when I saw a woman, at 6am, wearing open-toe wedges and a sleeveless summer dress? I was beside myself because my layering on my upper body was the complete opposite. I was wearing a vest, a plaid shirt, a shawl collar sweater and a pea coat. I really don't know how to explain it because during the course of the day one may be indoors or can concede that it does get warm, after 15:30 however, that cold chill returns. So, because the greater part of the day is warm one would rather brave the early morining and late afternoon chill? I think not. Not me.

I just want to highlight three basic winter wardrobe essentials we need to keep the cold at bay. You know there's a cold that one feels just because it's cold, then there's a bone chilling cold that feels like it's penetrating right through to your bones; that's the one I'm talking about and a look at these three negligible pieces can prove very worth while.

Over the calf socks. In fact let's start here. If you're wearing cotton socks in winter then you're subjecting your lower extremities to unnecessary abuse. It's time to upgrade to wool socks which should be over the calf. Most of us wore over-the-calf wool socks growing up, especially at school, so why hasn't it transferred to our post school wardrobe? This is the first suggestion. I found these, in the image above, online at Nordstrom. They are cut from a lightweight, soft merino-wool blend which comprises Merino wool/nylon/Lycra spandex. Exposed shins in winter are not a good look, so cover them up in socks like this. More than anything I am impressed with their price R155 for a 3 pack.

I think a henley shirt is essential in that it can be dressed up or down. It's ideal for casual layering, however, I find that it can also work if be layered under a dress shirt, in a neutral colour, for a layer of warmth in the torso and arms. A slim fit is the only way to go in order to eliminate any bulges under or above a shirt. But I like it for warm layering purposes first.

Honestly, if you're bald then you need to protect your head against the cold. And a beanie/ scully/ knit hat is the best way possible. It's rather serviceable when in transit and can be taken off at the office. The variety of textures and colours they're available in really means that it is an accessory that can easily be incorporated into one's outfit. Price points range, and the cheap also do as good a job as the one pricey.

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