Monday, July 1, 2013

Brands: Bresciani Socks

Nothing amazes me more than the turn-around-time/ waiting time around international deliveries. Really, the world is becoming flatter by the day. How a package can be sent from another continent and be delivered to your front door in less than five days is nothing short of amazing. So, it's rather befitting that, after a conversation on LinkedIn with Massimiliano Bresciani about possibly reviewing some of their socks, I received an invitation from him to get in touch.

After the email, a few conversations ensued and then in a few days I received confirmation from him that my package had been sent. On Tuesday 18 June, I received a package from my wife in UPS packaging. Inside were five pairs of Bresciani above the knee socks. Naturally, I was excited. When I checked the date when it was sent; it was on Friday 14 June. Yes, UPS ships over a weekend. This is exceptional in my view.

I was even more amazed at the whole design and aesthetic of these socks. Something I can honestly say I've never seen before. My first impression was that they were extra long, not ending above the calf. When I finally tried on a pair, a brown pair with green heels and tips, they ended right below the knee just above the shin. My first impression was that they go above the knee and then you have to bend them until they go below the knee, but above the calf. Like how Afrikaner farmers do. But I was pleasantly surprised; that as long as they seem, they really go as far as below the knee and not beyond.

I really like the construction of these socks. They have distinct patterns, colours and a standout feature for me is the ribbing. When wearing a pair what stands out when your legs are crossed is the ribbing, more than anything else. Maybe I'm gushing a little too much about this product, but, it is the real deal. Here is, hands down, the best feature of these socks: the elasticated top which allows for the socks to stay up. When I wore the brown pair, for a whole day, I touched the socks only twice; when I put them in the morning and when I took them off in the evening. In between that I didn't, not even for a second, touch them. Whether it was to readjust their length, maybe due to discomfort or because maybe they were gradually falling down. None of that happened.

The ribbing is really distinct and it stands out. This calls for a more in-depth post on the construction of Bresciani socks.

The socks came tied on the toes with some yellow thread, just so as to separate them from the rest. They also had some cellophane like filling inside, I surmise this is to retain their shape.

The image below evinces some light coming through the sock, this is a feature of the construction. They are very light, and when I enquired from Massimiliano what they were made of, he said it was cotton. The only draw back, since it is winter here. I will have to wait until summer in order to try them out. This should tell you something about cotton socks but further more their respective qualities: When I wore the brown pair they kept my shins and ankles warm and insulated, however, my feet were cold for the most part, simply because cotton socks in winter will cool your feet down. Now in summer it's going to be a different story because I'm not really a fan of wearing a business suit without socks, so Bresciani socks will be a great choice. In hindsight, maybe they will not be as practical and functional because of the humidity of summer  because they are above the calf length. This might lead to some discomfort. Had I known I would be getting them in cotton I would've opted for calf length.

According to Massimiliano, Bresciani socks are in South Africa are available at ViganĂ², Taggs, and Via Condotti. I guarantee you one thing though, when all falls down, Bresciani socks stay up.

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