Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cut 'n Sew: Shoddy Workmanship; The Medium Grey Trousers

I am on such a shoddy workmanship roll lately, that any more shoddy workmanship and this blog's name could change to shoddy workmanship. This series needs to end because at the rate that it's going one could surmise that tailoring in South Africa has nothing of quality to offer. These medium grey single pleated trousers are a product of Woolworths dating back to 2003. I remember the first time wearing them to church one Sunday, complemented by black leather monkstrap shoes, light blue checked spread collar shirt and a pin dot navy blue tie. That's ten years ago, and I'm proud to say that today I couldn't be happier with the fit.

I don't remember what the original waist size is but I know now that it's a perfect 34 inch waist. Nice and taut to obviate the use of a belt. Once again, the alteration of a trouser in the waist and the hem needn't impact on the seat, and the comfort in these trousers is felt when I'm sitting, standing, crossing my legs or walking. There is no wedging in between the thighs which always leads to the appearance of a cropped trouser.

I stuck with the 42 inch length and also and adjusted/ tapered the hem to a reasonable 16 inches. Not too baggy and no too slim. I will concede that the light grey double pleated trousers are a tad baggy in the seat and thighs, and this will need some alteration on the inseam particularly. Something I'm not apprehensive about undertaking. The hem was, as you probably guessed, sown with a thread, thus the old traces of the glue travesty are nowhere to be seen.

There are still two more trousers to report back on; I will do one more post and then do another in summer because the other trousers are suitable for hot weather.


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