Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cut 'n Sew: Shoddy Workmanship; The Navy Rice Stripe Trousers

I've given these navy rice stripe trousers a run a few times and I've noticed that even though the waist is tight enough, the length is fine, leg opening is exactly what I asked for, they are incredibly baggy in the thigh  and throughout the leg. The bagginess  is visible from the knee upwards and this calls for another visit to the tailor in order to get this fixed.
I definitely feel the length of the trousers almost flagellating in windy weather. In order to get the fit right the alterations will take place on both the out and inseam. So that ultimately it looks symmetrical, especially to the third eye.
As stated before I am happy with the length which is 42 inches and the opening at the bottom is 16 inches.  I'm also happy with the single break. Trousers that are too long need to be adjusted at the bottom so as to avoid them slipping under your shoes as well as pooling around your ankles. This is very unflattering. The one thing I haven't been able to do with any of these trousers is have the turn-ups restored because there isn't enough fabric underneath.

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