Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Style: Layers And Layers Of Inspiration


I was looking for some inspiration last night when I came across this splendid mix of colours, fit, and textures. The approach to colour coordination, pattern and texture coordination, and contrast combination is effortlessly, albeit expertly, executed. This is someone who knows what they are doing when putting together an outfit. I was really taken by the way everything is put together, how each piece stands out individually, and most importantly, the fit. Believe me; none of these pieces would work to culminate in this sartorial masterpiece if it weren’t for the fit. It’s important to put fit first because in that way you ensure that the component elements relate to each other successfully, as if they belong together.

Let’s break down the whole outfit first, inside out:

Shirt – white with windowpane check
Trousers – navy blue chinos
Necktie – fuschia with motif
Sweater – dark grey v-neck
Jacket – sports jacket with light blue and burgundy windowpane check
Outerwear – blue quilted jacket with brown snap button collar and elbow patches

I surmise that brown chukka boots are the most apt footwear for this kind of look, although a brogue boot would also be suitable.

The marriages between articles of clothing that do not belong together but relate to each other is something fairly new to South Africans. The fact that one can wear a business suit and a quilted jacket as outerwear is somewhat of a foreign concept. Visual aids like the image above, however, are of great service in disabusing style conscious gentlemen from the apparent weight of culture and tradition. So, a field jacket can work both in the city and in the country.

If fit is the foundation of gentlemen’s dressing then aesthetic and the level of quality are the cohesive forces that hold everything together.


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