Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Style: Menswear At The Vodacom Durban July 2013

I really thought that this year's Vodacom Durban July was going to be rained out. The rain on Thursday was really foreboding and my thoughts were about what how the day's proccedings would play out with the rain literally raining on the parade. Saturday morning was a different story and I really felt like I was at this year's event in spirit. One thing that never disappoints with the July is the fashion. It is a definite free for all. There is a dress code, however, come as you are seems to be the prevailing thought. One thing you have to understand is that the July caters for people on different levels. You have people who are there for the atmosphere, some are there to network, others are there for the fashion, others are to party (read sozzled), others to picnic, some to be star struck, others to do with business, to schmooze and rub shoulders with businessmen and captains of industry, others gatecrash, and finally others are there to bet on the horses and nothing else. So for all of these factors I really don't blame people for coming dressed the way they did. While watching the introduction of the jockeys before the main race, I happened to catch a glimpse of a particular gentleman wearing full morning dress in light grey including a top hat; I tip my hat off to him.

All images are coutesy of Sowetan Live, Sunday World and Vodacom Durban July.


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