Monday, August 5, 2013

Brands: Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Cordless Headphones

I like telling myself that I am a bellwether of sorts; back in ’98 I had an afro; crazy, wild and out there like Dr. J. Not too long after that everybody was rocking an afro. I also used to get teased because I wore a headband at basketball; I know you’ve seen Lebron wearing one too. In ’99 I used to roll to varsity with a discman and the sonorous Soundbombing III blasting through some retro looking headphones with cushioning and winding volume adjusters on the phones. They were retro, alright. Fifteen years later a far cry from my days at varsity, I present to you the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Cordless Headphones courtesy of Orange. They are the next step in headphone technology; combining quality, multifunctionality, practicality and, if you’re looking for a no-strings attached relationship in 2013, you can start with the Jaybird.
The warm thumpy beats and a reduction in listener fatigue are incredibly enduring. The bass output is great because it is thumpy not pounding, therefore, you can afford to listen to music for prolonged periods at a high volume. The whole cordless Bluetooth functionality is great in the sense that it allows you to move about and not feel restrained to one spot. I was listening to some music in the midst of preparing peanut butter sandwiches for my kids, answering the door and taking pictures. And what’s really superb is that once you’ve gotten through the arduous process of pairing the headphones with your device, connecting again is as simple as switching on the Bluetooth on your device and the headphones and the connection is almost instantly established. Don’t even get me started on the battery life; because the headphones come with an usb cable that charges the headphones through your device. When I charged mine it didn’t take longer 30 minutes and that gave me more than 8 hours of listening time. Yes, I was bopping my head all afternoon without a single interruption to the battery. They are a definite must have for a road trip. Technically I don’t know what you call the effect that happens when sounds are isolated to one phone at a time but this was demonstrated really well when I was listening to D’Angelo’s ‘One mo’gin.’
Lest you think that the Jaybird works with only laptops, that’s not so. It is compatible with devices with Bluetooth capabilities, tablets, cell phones, smart phones. They also serve a dual function in that you can make and receive calls through your telephone device and speak through an integrated microphone with Clear Voice Capture technology. You can also use it for SKYPE.
Even though the Jaybird has full music and call controls and most importantly a 4-way adjustability for great fit I didn’t find the latter convincing. It is touted as being suitable for athletes; however, I found that the fit was not really snug around my head. Unless I have a funny shaped head, but anytime I bent down the headphones would come loose. Maybe they are better suited to spinning classes and working out with weights, however, what’s going to happen when you bend down to put down a weight and they fall off and the weight is accidentally dropped on the headphones? The music and volume controls on the right headphone are also a challenge in the sense that one has to take them off and put them on again in order to adjust the controls, if you can’t use the controls on your device.
If you’re the sweaty type, whether at the gym, during sports or on a hot day the Jaybird comes with a Lifetime Warranty against sweat. So damage due to sweat needn’t be a worry. The sound output, clean minimalist design, multifunctions and Lifetime Warranty make it a good product and a great purchase considering all the other high end headphones in the market.

 The Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Cordless Headphones retail at R1445, which translates to $147/ 96£/ 111.
Jaybird Top 10
Guess Who Loves You More – Raheem Devaughn
One mo’gin – D’angelo
Betrayed – Heels Over Head
Umi Says – Mos Def
Bad Boy – Big Bang
Miss You – Rahsaan Patterson
What U Want – King Coz ft Damien (KO), D.Rose and Donwill
Kissing Strangers – Ralf Gum ft Monique Bingham (Frankie Feliciano mix)
Everybody – The Jacksons
Vintage voyage – Dalindeo


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