Thursday, August 8, 2013

Setting The Record Straight

This blog has come a long way since its inception in November 2009. The journey has been many things and I am very grateful for the experiences that I have gone through because of this blog. Really, if I hadn’t started it at all I wouldn’t be where I am today, and some of the opportunities I have been blessed with thus far are largely due to this blog. I’ve taken a more objective and professional tone and I think since the relaunch this is largely reflective. I am learning, growing and empowered every day and I am of the firm belief that I have something to contribute in the menswear milieu, if not internationally, then nationally. I am very comfortable with the latter because that’s where my main focus is. We have a lot to learn. I am in no way taking anything away from the international readership I get because it surpasses the home grown readership, and for that I thank each and every one of you. I have to, however, draw the line somewhere. And today is the day.

I don’t know whether this blog comes across as cheap, low quality and makeshift, but it appears that I get a lot of commercial prepositions and people think they can just cheat me by offering me low grade, low quality, badly made stuff in return for a good review. I say badly made because there seems to be no workmanship in the products they choose to send me. What I am also confronted with are companies or individuals who think they can just throw a few dollars at me and in return they will get a post or review on my blog. Believe it or not, last week someone offered me $20 for a copy and paste post, for something that isn’t even remotely connected with the ethos of this blog. It’s not about the money, even though every man has a price, for me, however, it’s about respecting my work and not taking it for granted.

I think maybe someone needs to sit down with me and explain why the internet community is so fixated on fast results. Everything has to be rapid, instant and quick. A quick post, for a quick buck, for quick results. Unfortunately that’s not what I’m doing. In 4 years of blogging, it’s only this year that I am beginning to resonate with the commercial sector and this post is aimed at the undesirables - those who think that the Perfect Gentleman blog is here for a commercial quickie.

 Some folks are glowing, flattering and enticing behind their keyboards, yet when I receive the product they promised me it is not what they promised. And yet they expect a glowing review from me about their product. Others just want a post and will pay good money, considering the exchange rate; when I ask for a product rather than money I’m told of the distance, how far I am and how inconvenient it would be. This is why I continue to decline such requests because they imply that my blog is for sale. I learnt a very harsh lesson in the early days of this blog that it’s all about the money, nothing else. There was an instance where some PR company rep wanted me to install an advertising banner for a few days for one of his clients. I obliged and when I retorted that he should consider sending me a pair of shorts I never heard from him again. He had gotten his advertising at my expense at no cost at all.

 So this is the last of it. Something inside me doesn’t want to ‘expose’ or put people on blast but the companies or representatives who have been contacting me trying to push their product for instant gratification with no thought of establishing a relationship shouldn’t even consider contacting me. Even those who have sent me sub-par products should think about their actions. Unless it’s because I’m African that you think you can pull a fast one on me, I don’t know. But I will no longer tolerate my work or my blog being taken for granted. I can understand that for some business is business devoid of any kind of altruism, but please don’t fault me when I am also merely looking out for my best interests.

Thank you to all the brands, people and representatives that have taken the time to reach out and establish a genuine relationship that is more than commercial. To the brands that have taken a genuine interest in this blog and are in a mutual relationship with me, thank you for trusting me with your brand.
Kind regards 

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