Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Style: The On-going Stripes On Shirts Series

Part of the learning process I am undergoing in menswear, it’s very informal and self-study by the way, I find that as much as most things have a provenance some are created and named especially for identification and branding purposes. This brings us to the on-going stripes on shirts series. I have come to the realisation that there are variations of stripes and these variations are perpetuated from region to region, as well as the fact that some people refer to stripes in the way they see or perceive them. For instance some stripes are identical, think university stripes and candy stripes; however upon closer inspection they are dissimilar. Some stripes vary in width; some vary based on the weave of the stripes, and some on the thickness of the yarn; yarn being the twisting of fibres together to form a thread. I suppose that to the average gentleman who doesn’t pay much attention to details, like the differences in shirt stripes, their distinction is meaningless; however to the discerning the variations in stripes is knowledge pursued and gained. For instance a Butcher stripe is similar to a Bengal stripe but slightly wider, however, not nearly as wide as an Awning stripe. I came across these wonderful images on the forum pages on Ask Andy About Clothes, and I must say the few they have profiled are the most common and confused. I found it very helpful especially in the sense that it illustrated the differences. I hope you find it useful too.

Hairline stripe
Awning Stripe
Bengal Stripe
Dress Stripes

Candy Stripe
Shadow Stripes
Pin Stripes

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