Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pick Of The Week: Filling Station Denim Jacket x Cat Apparel

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to change gears and adjust your wardrobe to some transition pieces. A denim jacket is one such piece that’s versatile enough to work as a layering piece and outerwear. Today I present to you the Filling Station Denim Jacket by Cat Apparel. It’s great to see a brand like CAT Apparel vaunted in work wear making forays into wardrobe staples for men like denim jackets. I will admit I don’t own one yet; however, I am waiting for this very denim jacket from Brantex, the official distributors of CAT Apparel in South Africa. When placing my order I was meticulous about the sizing. I am a size 40 in jackets, which translates to a medium, thus, there is no difference in sizing between my jackets and a denim jacket. The fit will hit right at the waist as well.

This particular denim jacket is perfect for spring in that it is lightweight; made from 100% cotton and since it is a lighter colour it definitely moves away from the winter palette. As outerwear over a polo neck or a sports shirt on a casual Friday this denim jacket offers many styling opportunities. It works even with a simple v-neck t-shirt or a hoody. Try it with jeans, chinos or fleece pants, complemented with sneakers, lace-ups, loafers or boots; a denim jacket pretty much runs the gamut of clothing combinations. Some gents are brazenly experimental and add a pocketsquare; I don’t advocate that, because it borders on garish and trying too hard. As a foundation of work wear decorating it takes it out of its element.

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