Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Style: Canda Sports Jacket Back From Tailoring

I finally got the grey Canda sports jacket from Soli Omar Tailors and I am happy to report that they didn't disappoint as per usual. I wrote about this jacket before in a post comparing it to another grey sports jacket I have. Well, it's finally back and here are the results.

After traversing and searching for light brown or tan buttons, I settled on gilt buttons I took from a double breasted jacket I have. I removed these buttons from the double breasted jacket a long time ago and were there for use. Consider yourself lucky to find men's buttons in Durban, I couldn't find anything appropriate for this jacket. Maybe it's time I made forays into online buying.

Well, I made the necessary changes and I am happy with the outcome. I quite like the contrast of the grey and brass of the buttons. I don't think it's aesthetically limiting since both brown and black accessories can be worn with it.

The one thing I love about the work of Soli Omar Tailors has to be everything that's ever been done on my jackets. If you remember this Canda jacket didn't have a vent. After some consultation with them it was finally decided that only one vent would be inserted because there wasn't enough material on the sides. Another thing, there also wasn't enough material down the middle of the jacket, therefore, I had to find a piece of material which would be used on the overlap of the vent.

Now I wait for the last kicks of the cold weather so that I can at least enjoy it a little bit. I would also like to urge anyone who knows something about Canda to share their knowledge with us.

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