Tuesday, October 29, 2013


One thing that's a challenge for me is giving gifts. I'm not good at giving gifts and I can be quite cantankerous when it comes to receiving gifts. A gift guide is the perfect aid when one embarks on the quest to being a diligent gift giver. Enter online gift guide portal for men - ENTERASE

It's sheer serendipity that I came across this site. Which is heavy on visuals of products and brands and very minimal on words. What you get in descriptions is exactly what the product is about, where to purchase it and how much it costs. Nothing more, nothing less. There's no disputing that at first glance the products and brands suggestions are quirky, abstract, and some classic. But it is a wide range that appeals to all taste levels. Even though most of the products are targeted towards younger men in their 20s, there is something for males of all ages.

A few products caught my eye, as illustrated in the images I lifted off the site, but for every product that appeals to you there will be one that goes totally against your taste levels. This is not a bad thing because I feel that it gives the site the balance that it needs in catering to all taste levels. The products are vast and range from indispensable figurines to luxury sports cars. What cannot be denied is that everything can be considered gift worthy, especially when factoring in income levels.

It's definitely the one place where you will find the latest in gadgets, fashion, technology, and some things lifestyle. Its product reviews of truly unique items makes this site one-of-a-kind. The product suggestions span the gamut of men's lifestyle from culture, entertainment, clothes, lifestyle, automobiles, and style, there's something for every gent no matter their age.

What is really being conveyed by Enterase is the fact that anyone with a challenge when giving gifts can look to it for guidance and inspiration. It doesn't come off as preachy at all, especially in the sense that the books that are recommended are not self-help books. If there's anything I am somewhat averse to at the present moment it's self-help books. So the books that are recommended here are a breath of fresh air.

I wouldn't agree with the site's mission that their target market is the 20 year old. There are products and brands that appeal to all ages and types of gents. As with brands, gents stay with certain brands and styles of clothing because they trust the quality and love the craftsmanship that goes into those products. It's no different with ENTERASE. Moreover, the products you find are guaranteed to be unique, statement pieces.

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