Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Style: The Light Grey Trousers, Slimmer

In a previous post I highlighted how these light grey trousers were sent to the tailor for some work inside the hem because they had, previously, been glued and not stitched. When I got them back I discovered that although the length was fine, the bagginess throughout the leg was visibly extensive and disproportionate to the 16 inch hem. This called for more work which entailed reducing the bagginess and making it a more tailored fit. Below are the results, I am quite happy with, and the overall fit and look.

I modeled the sizing of the leg after the medium grey trousers because they are my best fitting winter trousers. As you can see there is definitely a difference in how they used to fit before and how they fit now. The slight trouser break, the hem, waist, and overall length are all in proportion with the tailored aesthetic.

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