Friday, October 11, 2013

Style: Transitioning From Winter To Spring

The weather has been largely strange this spring. Last spring was cold, windy and very wet. I'm talking a week long deluge that no one could escape. The kind of rainy weather that would greet you in the mornings and bid you goodnight in the evenings. This kind of weather has been conspicuously absent this spring. I thought I'd even get an opportunity to wear a navy wool coat but the hot weather has pretty much negated all those wishes. The weather conditions this week were very unpredictable, but two particular days were polar opposites. And in terms of dressing this required two totally different outfits, especially in terms of fabrics and textures.

The top image was taken on Tuesday; the temperature was quiet low and there was a chill in the air which required fabrics with a little bit of weight. So I decided to go with with navy blue corduroy trousers, a cotton shirt, a grey sports jacket, and chocolate brown cap toe brogues. Needless to say I was warm throughout the day and even when the temperature started rising the cotton shirt with its light texture and weight had some cooling effect underneath the heavier jacket.

Today was an absolute scorcher, I mean, if it's this hot early in spring what is summer going to be like? From early in the morning, before the sun even came out, the signs were there that it was going to be an unbearably hot day. So, how does one hold it down in the office on a hot day in a stylish way? I opted for light breathable fabrics. The shirt is a very light cotton, the trousers are cotton as well, the jacket is 100% linen which is quite sturdy and doesn't wrinkle easily (I think this has to do with the fact that the jacket is lined), and the shoes are penny loafers with a high vamp. Some people gave me puzzled looks probably because of the jacket but the fact that it's linen makes it very appropriate for hot weather. I can honestly say that not once did I break a sweat. I'm almost ready to pack away the knitwear and heavy sports jacket but the intermittent cold weather keeps pulling me back.

It's going to be interesting when I starting researching tropical wools, and comparing their qualities to linen, and how they measure against each other in the work place.

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I thought that the advice given on one of the hardest transitions for style was very good. Thank you for the tips.