Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Style: What Shoes To Wear During Downtime At A Hotel

I've come to the realisation that men's style is very flexible and accommodating. There is really no excuse to be sloppily dressed; not in this day and age. Even the most casual and laid back of dress codes can be presentable and stylish without much effort. 

This past weekend I was out of town and stayed in a hotel. During some downtime on Saturday evening, I decided to venture to the restaurant to enquire about their dinner menu. Still dressed in trousers and a long sleeved shirt, untucked, I thought I could get away with wearing flip-flops. When I got to the dining area the mood was relaxed but quiet. And diners were quietly going about their business. There was a sense of decorum and the ambience was off-set by soothing classical music which was heavy on violins. So, in all this, with the cold air-conditioning nipping at my exposed feet, I looked around and felt NAKED. Flip-flops in the reception and dining area of a hotel, how egregious; disrespectful to both myself and my fellow patrons. Being in South Africa , where people aren't style conscious, allows one to get away with many style related faux pas. Therefore, in my flip-flops, no one noticed that I might have been violating a tacit rule of dress code. 

My suggestion for footwear suitable for wearing outside of your hotel room, however, within the confines of a hotel, are velvet slippers. Originally worn  as house shoes, velvet slippers have, over the years made their way outdoors. My choice is based on the fact that slippers fit perfectly into both casual and formal modes of dress. They can be worn with or without socks, allowing them to be versatile. So within the confines of a hotel velvet slippers are respectful and highly appropriate. 

Menswear requires us as gentlemen, to cover up, so your least erogenous zones shouldn't be exposed. The less we see the better.

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