Monday, November 25, 2013

Where Is The Love? CAT® Apparel December Giveaway

In collaboration with the wonderful folks at CAT® Apparel I am hosting this blog's first ever give-away. Yes, you read right, a giveaway. And the timing is rather great because we are readying ourselves for the holiday season and  Christmas. So, what better way to introduce you to the CAT Apparel brand and expressing gratitude for being a loyal reader than giving a gift to one lucky reader. Up for grabs is a R1000 CAT Apparel clothing voucher. To win this awesome prize please follow the instructions below.

*Update* Giveaway is open to South Africans only.

Do ALL of the following to WIN this awesome prize:
Your have until Wednesday (25th) 4pm to enter. GOOD LUCK!
Double the fun because our blood pumps yellow…
About CAT:
For more than 100 years, Caterpillar has been making progress possible and driving positive and sustainable change on every continent. What began with Americans Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best in 1904 has grown into the Global Brand phenomenon, Caterpillar® a Fortune 100 Company.
The CAT® brand is renowned for its association with honest work, strength and integrity, offering everything we know and trust about the worldwide CAT sensation –authenticity, enduring quality and style.
The Caterpillar Apparel product line has evolved from elementary work wear to performance driven protective and fashion apparel that appeals to all utility – inspired consumers.


1)  Industrial Work Wear Division – We supply Caterpillar Dealer PPE uniforms, Catalogue PPE uniforms and Custom Corporate Uniforms. Caterpillar as always supply products built to perform, that last longer and work harder. Our Work Wear brings on-the-job performance through advanced product features and quality fabrication, now re-engineered for African end use in varied occupational activities.
2)  Lifestyle Fashion Division - offers casual collections in the 1904CodeFunction and Steel Blueranges that each uniquely and stylishly captures the legacy of hard work and functionality all infused with CAT DNA.  Cat lifestyle apparel is built to last and fits your daily lifestyle.
Brantex (PTY) Ltd Southern Africa established in 1990 is the exclusive distributor for Caterpillar Apparel and accessories since 2007 in Sub Saharan Africa.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Style: The CAT® Apparel Men's Filling Station Denim Jacket In The 'Flesh'

Well, my CAT® Apparel Mens Filling Station Denim Jacket arrived via courier today and it's all I had hoped it would be. I'm sorry for myself for the long wait but it's finally here and I'm digging it immensely. I got an opportunity to break it in right away because Friday's weather was overcast in the morning and I definitely needed something to keep the chill at bay.

I went with a size L for this one because the previous one I had ordered was a M, and didn't fit properly. It was a tad tight in the chest and short on the sleeves. This one, in large, measures at 42cm in the chest and the sleeves are just a centimetre or two short at the wrist. Nevertheless, it's minor and it's definitely something I can overlook. Throughout the arms and chest I feel enough space to allow for movement and it is indeed a great fit.

As the pictures evince this denim jacket is the real deal. It is light weight, made from 100% cotton, and it will get a lot of wear, as outer wear and a layering piece, throughout autumn and winter because temperatures don't go very low here. There are enough pockets, six in total if you count the inner ones as well, to hold a myriad of odds and ends. I like the inner pockets because they are commodious and deep; I used them to store a handkerchief and a slim wallet. I also like the adjustable cuffs which will make wear in early summer possible, and the back waist tabs. Sizing seems to have been a crucial point during the design process.

Overall, I'm happy with the fit, design, and proportion of this denim jacket. Being in my mid 30s, I have always been under the impression that my style has to conform to a certain look, but as casual wear goes, this jacket fits right into my style. Besides, if my father could wear a denim jacket with aplomb in his younger days, then I sure can.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Style: Summer Essential; White Sneakers

The versatility of white sneakers cannot be denied nor doubted, especially in summer. They are compatible with a myriad of combinations and are statement shoes without the garishness. I'm also inclined to think that you can never survive on just one pair, therefore, a healthy rotation will hold you in good stead, and various brands have not deviated from their classic design, sticking to the white canvas and contrasting rubber sole. My summer uniform will definitely consist of chinos, polos, light-weight trousers, jeans, and white sneakers. Missing from this list remains the elusive Converse Chuck Taylor white leather los. But for now indulge in these four pairs by various brands, available online at very affordable prices.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cut 'n Sew: Busted Soles

When I got interested in menswear and dressing presentably one of the important aspects of dressing well that needed serious attention was my footwear; this was about five years ago. Back then I suffered from this 'clothes for a special occasion' syndrome. I only wore certain items of clothing on special occasions or days. You would never catch me wearing a double cuff shirt during the week, it was reserved for a particular occasion or Sunday. Then, when I started learning about dressing well, my thinking changed and I embraced the idea of wearing all my clothes, all the time, no matter the day of the week. I also decided to upgrade the styles of footwear that I needed. I came across a tan captoe blucher, a burgundy captoe oxford, and a black wingtip blucher with a sharp toe. I thought I was on to a pretty good start because I was going to rotate my footwear and that they would last a long time. I use the word 'long' very loosely because I didn't bet on the fact that after five years these three pairs would start falling apart. And this deterioration is taking place at the most critical part of the shoes, the sole.

I'm not a cobbler but I surmise that my shoes cannot be repaired because glue can only hold so long until it starts wearing off, leading to a state of disrepair. See how they are all falling apart at critical parts of the shoes? The heel, sole, and the outsole. The inclusion, efficacy and strength of a welt (a strip of leather which is sewn around the bottom of a shoe) is obviated if it is glued as opposed to stitched on to the shoe.

Welt stitching is not found in mass produced shoes. You will find it with good quality shoes produced by venerable shoe companies that have knowledge and a history in the shoe making process. The the styles of shoe construction, and what it takes to construct a shoe that lasts for decades is where welt stitching is critically important. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Style: NBA Player Fashion On Opening Week

Russell Westbrook - brown over-check on jacket, mini-gingham shirt and glasses.

One thing I'll never cease writing about is the style and fashion sense of sportsmen, particularly NBA players. I've always had my eye on their sense of style and the way they dress ever since the 1994 NBA Draft. Inside Stuff gave me an even closer and magnified look at the players' style influences, preferences and nuances. So, it's with this view in mind that I present to you a look at some of the players' style in the first week of the 2013-2014 NBA season. My main focus is what I like with each individual outfit. Some might not appeal to others, but, certain pieces in their outfits standout and are worth mentioning.

Steve Nash - yellow belt

Blake Griffin - slim black leather briefcase

Robert Sacre - classic mix of grey and tan

Antawn Jamison - Valentino bag

Wesley Johnson - Balenciaga creased leather hi-top sneakers

DeAndre Jordan - Everything: suit colour, fit, proportion between shirt, necktie, lapels; accessories, and slim black leather monkstraps.

And just for good measure a video taken from last season's playoffs; a candid discussion about playoff fashion.