Sunday, November 24, 2013

Style: The CAT® Apparel Men's Filling Station Denim Jacket In The 'Flesh'

Well, my CAT® Apparel Mens Filling Station Denim Jacket arrived via courier today and it's all I had hoped it would be. I'm sorry for myself for the long wait but it's finally here and I'm digging it immensely. I got an opportunity to break it in right away because Friday's weather was overcast in the morning and I definitely needed something to keep the chill at bay.

I went with a size L for this one because the previous one I had ordered was a M, and didn't fit properly. It was a tad tight in the chest and short on the sleeves. This one, in large, measures at 42cm in the chest and the sleeves are just a centimetre or two short at the wrist. Nevertheless, it's minor and it's definitely something I can overlook. Throughout the arms and chest I feel enough space to allow for movement and it is indeed a great fit.

As the pictures evince this denim jacket is the real deal. It is light weight, made from 100% cotton, and it will get a lot of wear, as outer wear and a layering piece, throughout autumn and winter because temperatures don't go very low here. There are enough pockets, six in total if you count the inner ones as well, to hold a myriad of odds and ends. I like the inner pockets because they are commodious and deep; I used them to store a handkerchief and a slim wallet. I also like the adjustable cuffs which will make wear in early summer possible, and the back waist tabs. Sizing seems to have been a crucial point during the design process.

Overall, I'm happy with the fit, design, and proportion of this denim jacket. Being in my mid 30s, I have always been under the impression that my style has to conform to a certain look, but as casual wear goes, this jacket fits right into my style. Besides, if my father could wear a denim jacket with aplomb in his younger days, then I sure can.

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