Saturday, November 2, 2013

Style: NBA Player Fashion On Opening Week

Russell Westbrook - brown over-check on jacket, mini-gingham shirt and glasses.

One thing I'll never cease writing about is the style and fashion sense of sportsmen, particularly NBA players. I've always had my eye on their sense of style and the way they dress ever since the 1994 NBA Draft. Inside Stuff gave me an even closer and magnified look at the players' style influences, preferences and nuances. So, it's with this view in mind that I present to you a look at some of the players' style in the first week of the 2013-2014 NBA season. My main focus is what I like with each individual outfit. Some might not appeal to others, but, certain pieces in their outfits standout and are worth mentioning.

Steve Nash - yellow belt

Blake Griffin - slim black leather briefcase

Robert Sacre - classic mix of grey and tan

Antawn Jamison - Valentino bag

Wesley Johnson - Balenciaga creased leather hi-top sneakers

DeAndre Jordan - Everything: suit colour, fit, proportion between shirt, necktie, lapels; accessories, and slim black leather monkstraps.

And just for good measure a video taken from last season's playoffs; a candid discussion about playoff fashion.

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